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Clarendon ISD

Portrait of a Bronco

Portrait of a Clarendon Graduate

“21st Century Bronco”

Just what does it take to be a "21st Century Bronco?" That is the question answered this year by the teachers at Clarendon schools. Each six weeks the teachers will submit evidence of some of the qualities listed below. . . .

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CHS Bronco Alumni

What are they doing now?

Once a Broncho, always a Bronco. This saying speaks volumes about the attitude of the district, the alumni, and the community of Clarendon towards the CHS graduates, both past and present. As a part of the district's . . .

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Elementary - 1st Grade Social Studies

Cowboys in the Panhandle

Quality: Responsible Citizen, Respectful, Confident, Effective Communicator Evidence: Clarendon first graders went on a community field trip and enjoyed a GREAT day of learning about cowboys, their community, and the history of . . .

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Elementary - 3rd Grade Social Studies

Donations to First Responders

Quality: Respectful - Servant Leader, Responsible - Citizen Evidence: Students in third grade were charged with helping first responders by donating Gatorade and snacks. Classes had previously discussed . . .

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Elementary - 3rd Grade Social Studies and Writing

Great Americans in the Wax Museum

Quality: Hardworking, Set & Achieve Goals, Discern and Synthesize Information, Use technology as a tool to accomplish tasks and be a life-long learner Evidence: Students have been involved in a research . . .

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Elementary - 5th Grade

QR Readers

Quality: Using technology as a tool Evidence: 5th graders are reviewing for STAAR tests by playing games using QR readers.

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Elementary - Kindergarten Social Studies

Texas History

Quality: Confident and Effective Communicator Evidence: Kindergarten has been studying about the great state that we live in. We have learned about our flag, the mockingbird, bluebonnets, and the pecan tree. Through the WOW . . .

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High School - Basic Math Models

Student Buckle Up

Quality: Responsible and Technology Literate Evidence: Students were given the job as an engineering and design junior analyst.  They each were given vendors such as bank, rent,auto loan, auto insurance, cable, cell, . . .

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High School - English II

Prep for EOC's

Quality:  Confident - hardworking;  Technology literate - use technology to solve problems;  Effective Communicator - set and achieve goals Evidence:  Students in English II, prepare for the . . .

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High School - IPC Marble Drop

Students create a slow drop machine.

Quality:  Effective communicator - Problem-solver & collaborator Evidence: Students in teams were asked to produce a device that would “slow drop” a marble from a height of 1.8 meters to the floor.  . . .

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High School - PreCalculus

Trigonometric Functions

Quality: Responsible - Citizen; Technology Literate - Discern and Synthesize Information, Use technology as a tool to accomplish tasks and be a life-long learner; Effective Communicator - Collaborator . . .

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High School - Theater Production

Invested in Competition

Quality: Confident- Passionate & Determined, Innovative, and Hardworking; Effective Communicator- Problem Solver, Collaborator, Leader with Heart, Soul, and Ambition Evidence: This year we analyzed scripts in early . . .

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Junior High - 7th Grade Science

Food Webs, the movement of matter and energy.

Quality: Collaboration Evidence: My students were illustrating food webs and how matter and energy move from one organism to another. They used a ball of yarn to pass to the next organism in the food web. They had to . . .

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Junior High - 8th Grade Technology

Virtual Field Trips

Quality: Technology Literate - Discern and Synthesize Information, Use technology as a tool to accomplish tasks and be a life-long learner; Effective Communicator - Problem Solver Evidence: Students used . . .

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Junior High - Reading

Carousel Brainstorming

Quality: Responsible-physically, Confident-hardworking, Effective Communicator-collaborator Evidence: Working in groups of 4-5, students visit several different stations and record their reactions to specific prompts or . . .

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Elementary - Kindergarten Science

Life of a Butterfly

Quality: Confident and Effective Communicator Evidence: Along with studying the letter Cc our class learned the life-cycle of a butterfly. They learned many new words like metamorphosis and even spun their own cocoon out of an . . .

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High School - Anatomy and Physiology

Circulatory System in Clay

Quality: Confident (determined and hardworking), Effective Communicator Evidence: Each student started out excited about the project and later realized how tedious and how much effort it was going to take to complete the . . .

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High School - PreCalculus

Students travel the world to solve a crime.

Quality: Confident (Resourceful and Hardworking), Technology Literate, Effective Communicator (Problem Solver and Collaborator) Evidence: Students reviewed exponential and logarithmic functions through a CSI . . .

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High School - UIL Cross X Debate

Students discuss government funding for education

Quality: Confident and Communication Evidence: These students took time to learn the CX debate topic this year over “Should the US government increase funding for secondary education.” After researching the topic . . .

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Junior High - 6th Grade Reading

Budding Authors

Quality:  Resourceful,Innovative,Problem solver,Synthesize information,Collaborator Evidence:  At the end of a novel unit(The Maze), they created books of their own as a class project. They were each assigned . . .

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Elementary - 3rd Grade Social Studies

3rd Graders Interview State Senator

Quality: Responsible Citizen Evidence: Students in 3rd grade must understand the role of local and state government officials. Senator Kel Seliger visited 3rd grade where he explained how laws are made. Third grade students had . . .

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Elementary - Kindergarten Social Studies

Love of Country

Quality:  Ethical and respectful; Good citizenship Evidence: Carol Braddock came to our class and helped us learn more about our country. We love our country and honor and respect our flag. We are thankful for our freedom and . . .

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High School - Basic Math Models

Spreadsheets and Finances

Quality: Technology Literate-Discern and Synthesize Information; Use technology as a tool to accomplish tasks and be a life-long learner Evidence: Students had to learn how to use spreadsheets to learn how to understand . . .

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High School - English II

Teacher for a day.

Quality: Strong sense of self; technology literate Evidence: Students were the teacher for a day.  Clay Ward, sophomore, teaches his class about Myths, Legends, and Folktales. Clay used technology to teach his peers.

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Junior High - Science

Girls and Engineering

Quality: Confident-Strong Sense of Self, Passionate & Determined; Resourceful; Innovative; Hardworking. Technology Literate-Discern and Synthesize Information; Use technology as a tool to accomplish . . .

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Elementary - Headstart

Drug Free

Quality:  Responsible – Citizen, Physically Evidence: “Take my hand and make a stand to be drug free with me.”

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Elementary - 3rd Grade

Military Service

Quality: Responsible - Citizen Evidence: As part of their study of their 2nd 6 weeks project, students heard 1st person account of military service from Marine Aaron Haynes (retired). Students researched information about serving in . . .

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Elementary - 3rd Grade Citizens

Hurricane Relief

Quality : Responsible - Citizen Evidence : 3rd Grade students collected the most money for Hurricane Relief and were rewarded with a Blizzard Party at Dairy Queen.

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Elementary - 3rd Grade Science

Matter Measurements

Quality:  Confident - Hardworking Evidence:   3rd grade students participated in a science lab. The topic was matter. Students had to discern appropriate tools to measure various attributes of matter. Students worked in . . .

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Elementary - 5th Grade Science

Creating Friction

Quality : Problem Solving Evidence : 5th graders demonstrate problem solving skills as they investigate how friction is affected by different textures.

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Elementary - GT

Box Tops

Quality : Effective Communicator:  Problem Solver, Collaborator, Leader with Heart, Soul and Ambition, Set and Achieve Goals Evidence : Students solve the problem of a Box Tops shortage. They have challenged . . .

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Elementary - Kindergarten Math/Science

Pumpkin Facts

Quality : Confident - Hardworking; and Effective Communicator - Problem Solving Evidence : Each child brought a pumpkin to school. Learning activities included weighing and measuring their pumpkin and predicting . . .

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Elementary - PreK Science

Sink or Float

Quality : Collaboration Evidence : As a small group, the children were presented with the question of what sink and float means. What qualities or properties caused several items to sink or float? They had to hypothesize . . .

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High School - Bible Class

Cycle of Sin

Quality: Confident - Strong sense of self Evidence: Students were asked to lead the classroom lesson about the Sin Cycle found in the book of Exodus.

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High School - Geometry

Parallels and Transversals

Quality:  Resourcefulness, Innovation, and Hard Work Evidence: Students do projects on parallel lines and transversals.

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High School - Math Models


Quality : Discerning and Synthesizing Information Evidence : Students use a CBL Ranger to model the paths of their walking and create linear functions.

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High School - Physics

Break a...Egg

Quality : Resourceful, innovative, hard-working, problem-solver, collaborator Evidence : Physics students enter the regional egg-drop competition to construct the lightest weight and smallest device to cradle a large uncooked . . .

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High School - World Geography

My Immigrant Story

Quality : Innovative Evidence : Students were asked to research people who immigrate to the US and their country of origin.  https://prezi.com/view/XUUd6hIiMssXDn5yUVhS/

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Junior High - GT


Quality : Technology Literate - Discern and Synthesize Information; Use technology as a tool to accomplish tasks and be a life-long learner; Effective Communicator; Problem Solver; Collaborator Evidence . . .

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Elementary - Headstart

Be a Pineapple

Quality : Respectful; Strong Sense of Self Evidence : Students are reciting the class motto which is: Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.  When you stand tall you respect yourself, . . .

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Elementary - 4th grade

Mighty Hunters

Quality : Strong Sense of Self; Confident; Physically Strong Evidence : The fourth graders were able to experience some true Texas history. "Ranger" Jeff taught the students how to use an atlatl to throw long darts . . .

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Elementary - PreKindergarten

Math is Fun

Quality : Hardworking, Problem solver Evidence : The PreK class learned about angles, shapes and cubes. They used angles to make Rudy the Rectangle, and discovered how to use angles to make shapes. They also created patterns using . . .

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High School - Family and Community Service

Helping Others

Quality : Respectful –Servant Leader Evidence : The boys from the Family and Community Service class helped Junior High sort and package supplies to go to Hitchcock ISD, that was damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

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Elementary - Kindergarten


Quality: Responsibility; Strong Sense of Self Evidence: One of the student's grandmother collected caterpillars in a jar. The class was able to watch the life cycle of the butterfly and . . .

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High School - Algebra 2

Functional Knowledge

Quality : Effective Communicator Evidence : These Algebra 2 students are working together to write equations of transformed absolute functions and use equations to draw graphs. They have to communicate their ideas to each . . .

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High School - Annual Staff

Concession Stand

Quality : Collaboration; Hardworking Evidence : The CHS Annual Staff students are busy using team work in preparation of the first Bronco football game.  The students are also using mathematics skills to calculate how many . . .

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Elementary - 3rd grade STEM

Building a Bridge

Quality : Effective Communication (specifically collaboration) Evidence : The problem was to create a bridge that can go over a river and hold 4 cars. They had to come to consensus for one design. Collaboration talk had . . .

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Elementary - 4th grade


Quality : Collaboration Evidence :  A presentation on a specific region of Texas

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High School - Algebra

Synthesizing Data

Quality : Collaboration; Discerning and Synthesizing Data Evidence : Collecting data to make a graph to aid in analysis

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High School-Government

Preamble Singers

Quality : Citizenship. Evidence : They are signing the Preamble song from School House Rock.  

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Junior High - 6th Grade English

Buttons Everywhere

Quality : Problem Solver; Collaborator Evidence : In English class, sixth graders formed groups of three for a pre-noun activity.  Groups were given bags of assorted buttons to categorize.  First, they . . .

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Junior High - 6th Grade Math, Too

Numbers, Too

Qualities : Collaboration and Problem Solving  Evidence : Complete a human number line without talking

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Junior High - 7th Grade Reading

Hallway Pride

Quality : Ethical; Respectful; Strong Sense of Self; Effective Communicator Evidence : After watching a video called “Hallway Pride,” their assignment was to create a poster, song, rap, chant or poem showing . . .

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Junior High-6th Grade Math


Quality : Problem Solvers Evidence : Students were asked to order themselves using positive and negative numbers without talking to each other.  

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High School - BIM

Before 8 a.m.

Date : September 1st, 7:58 am Quality : Using Technology; Hardworking; Effective Communicator; Passionate Evidence : Freshman BIM class in their seats and quietly working before 8 o'clock.  

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